Kaduna State Peace Commission (KSPC) is pursuing a three-track engagement strategy in a renewed effort to resolve lingering skirmishes in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State. This followed the Commission’s latest engagement with stakeholders.

The Executive Vice Chairman of KSPC, Barrister Priscilla Ankut Esq, who disclosed this, explained that there was a need for fresh and creative inputs to sustain the momentum in the peace process.

Barrister Ankut said one of the tracts KAPECOM is pursuing is focussing on reconciling the Adara people, adding that, “In the course of dialogue, we discovered that there were divisions among the leadership of the Adara. Unless there is agreement among them, the dialogue will not be coherent.”

Another tract the Commission is pursuing is working on resuscitating and working closely with the Kajuru Truth and Reconciliation Committee. At the last engagement with the Committee, KSPC requested each community to avail it with their position papers.

“These position papers will inform us of the stand of each community—the Adara people, youth and women’s groups, and the Fulani—so that we will review the papers to enable us facilitate proper engagement. This will enable us see if proper agreement can be reached in some of the issues,” the EVC said.