Kaduna State Peace Commission has commended the Kaduna State Government on the steps taken so far to contain and manage the outbreak of the coronavirus disease known as COVID 19.

A press statement issued by the Board of KAPECOM praised the leadership role Governor Nasir el-Rufai has so far played to contain the spread of the disease in the state, saying all efforts should henceforth be channelled towards ensuring that the virus spread was limited.

The Board and members of KSPC viewed the present period of distress as one that calls for humanity to unite and defeat a common enemy far beyond the limited differences within and about each community within and without Kaduna State.

The statement added that the pandemic affects everyone irrespective of location, status or views, respects no primordial differences in any community, and calls for our shared humanity.

“We use this medium to reiterate our deep concern for peace, security and safety of all persons even at this trying period and support all initiatives to curb the spread of Covid 19, and promise to contribute to all activities that focus on promotion and sharing life-saving information with hard-to-reach populations.