Plateau Peace Building Agency (PPBA) and Kaduna State Peace Commission (KSPC) are collaborating to advance the peace process between the Ganawuri (Riyom Local Government Area) and Attakar communities (Kaura Local Government Area) in Plateau and Kaduna states respectively.

Already two interactive sessions have been held at Abuja and Jos with traditional leaders from both communities, PPBA and KSPC, and representatives from the US embassy and United States Institute for Peace (USIP) attending as observers and facilitators.

At their last interactive session in Jos, the traditional rulers of Ganawuri, HRH, Ata Ten Yakubu Chaimang and HRH Agwam Takad Tobias Nkom Wada presented their positions and challenges and pledged to work for peace.

The Executive Vice Chairman of Kaduna Peace Commission, Barrister Priscilla Ankut, disclosed this after the second interactive session in Jos.

Ankut said, “Both groups presented their cases from their traditional leaders’ perspectives and we realised that there is a need for further engagement not just with traditional rulers but also development associations and youth and women’s groups.”